Marauder Books and Publications

Daddy of Them All (Tannehll) 7th. Bomb Group USAAF
17th. Bomb Group (Turner Press)
Big Tailed Birds (Tannehill) - 319th. Bomb Group USAAF
The 319th. In Action (Oyster/Monroe) - 319th. Bomb Group USAAF
Saga of the 320th (Tannehill) - 320th. Bomb Group, USAAF Bombs
Away (Larson) - 70th. Bomb Squadron USAAF
Marauder Men (Moench) - 323rd. Bomb Group and General USAAF
Silver Streaks (Austin) - 344th. Bomb Group USAAF
Story of the Crusaders (Young) - 386th. Bomb Group USAAF
History of the 391st. (Walker) - 391st. Bomb Group USAAF
Bridge Busters (Ziegler) - 394th. Bomb Group USAAF
The Bridge Busters (Best) - 397th. Bomb Group USAAF
Ducemus We Lead (Schroeder) - 22nd. Bomb Group USAAF
Theirs is the Glory (McCreath) - 12 Squadron SAAF
Per Noctem Per Diem (Maccregor) - 24 Squadron SAAF
Last But Not Least (Van Niekerk) - 30 Squadron SAAF
Winged Promises (Orange/Stapleton) 14 Squadron RAF
Partisan Wings (Hatcher) - 39 Squadron RAF
The Winged Bomb (Delve) - 39 Squadron RAF
Blue Battlefields (O'Mahony)
The B-26 Marauder (Havener)
The B-26 Marauder (Tannehill)
B-26 Marauders of the 8th. and 9th. Air Forces (Scutts)
B--26 Marauder at War (Freeman)
How to Research the B-26 Marauder (Kitchens)
The B-26 Marauder in Action (Wagner)
The Deadly Duo - B-25 and B-26 (Mendenhall)
Lend Lease Aircraft WW2 (Perry)
Riding the Skies (Boyar/Stait)
One Mans Destiny (Wilcox)
Flying the B-26 over Europe (Moore)
South Atlantic Safari (McVicar)
Sustineo Alas (Dundastchek)
Wings of Courage (Stovall)
Tales of the Marauder (Stovall)
Wings Around Us (Cardell)
B-26 Marauder in Action (Birdsall)
Marauder at War (Taylor)
Ferry Command (Matz)
No Shots in Anger (Stratton)
B-26 Marauder (Johnsen)

The list is by no means complete, but even this gives a comprehensive cover of the
Marauder. Quite a few are out of print, and could only be acquired through professional "Bookfinders". Others are still available fromthe authors, and some are readily available from the usual outlets .

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